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Here you can have look at some of Susanne Montoro’s airbrush-works, which will give you insights into the diversity of her work.


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Susi Montoro, the Airbrush Artist, painted 50 masks for the leading actor “V” (Hugo Weaving) at the film studios
in Potsdam / Babelsberg. Absolutely identical masks, indiscernible to the cinema audience, had to be airbrushed for the Close- Ups as well as the stunts.
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Airbrush Montoro london

At the production site in London she also supervised the fabrication of 460 of these masks needed for the mass scene at the end of the movie.

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airbrush montoro speed racer
In summer 2007 Susi Montoro worked for the Wachowski Brothers (creators of the Matrix Trilogy) for the second time, again proving how intricate and utterly exact her airbrush technique is. S. Montoro painted several completely identical racing helmets for the main actor “Speed”. Likewise, she designed several helmets for various support actors. For the marketing concepts of PUMA and Autobacs MONT.ORO also created further colour-coordinated helmets. Here you can see some examples from the incredibly large selection.

 Airbrush Montoro gallery
Airbrush Montoro Susi Montoro

Airbrush Montoro

For the key scene “Aquarium” Susi Montoro designed 17 identical fish (piranhas) in photo-realistic fashion. She applied a special technique to paint the corals, which were to be submerged under water the same day. It was important that the colours did not dissolve despite the available drying time was extremely short.

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The Three Musketeers in 3D | CONSTANTIN FILM
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Airbrush Design Artist Susi Montoro


S. Montoro imitated the wooden planking for the model ship “Buckingham’s Airship” photo-realistically with the airbrush technique. The model ship was constructed on a scale of 1:41 for full screenshots. The real part of the ship (just the bow), on which the actors were able to play the scenes, was the proper template for the airbrush-painting of the miniature ship. The different shades of colors and the wooden planking had to be captured accurately according to the template of the real ship, because only this way the audience later experiences a perfect illusion of a real flying ship in the cinema.

Airbrush Montoro gallery

MTV & KIA - Soul Club Tour | Commercial movie type


MTV engaged MONT.ORO for the commercial spot “MTV & KIA-Soul Club Tour”. Four models were styled with various body paintings, with subsequent hairstyle and make-up by Make-up Artist J.P.

Photos: Robert Michael Brodmüller

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"Through the Desert"
Susanne Montoro designed the „Sahara Room“, which was part of the exhibition “Through the desert” at the Ethnological Museum of Berlin from April 2001 until 2009. Several wall-sized deserts were created by her for that purpose.

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"Body World 2001"

In 2001, on behalf of the Institute for Plastination, Susanne Montoro designed a whole fashion collection to be worn at the  Loveparade  representing the exhibition “Body Worlds”.

Airbrush Montoro Körperwelten

Interview Susanne Montoro
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"Exhibition at the German Museum of Technology Berlin in 2005"

Panels of stellar constellations depicting Orion.
alternating volumes: concave, convex, planar, on plexiglas

Airbrush Montoro technikm1Airbrush Montoro technikm2Airbrush Montoro technikm3

Wall Paintings

Nelson Mandela School

In the entrance area of the newly extended Nelson Mandela School, the artist Susanne Montoro sprayed the portrait of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela in impressionistic style. The two “kissing walls” designed by the architect were optically fused through writing and portrait using the Airbrush technique.

More information : Ergänzungsbau der Nelson MandelaSchule -



Airbrush Montoro zur Galerie

ADC-SUMMIT │ Art Directors Club for Germany

For the first time in many years, the creative meeting did not take place in Berlin but in Frankfurt/ Main.
In the Green Towers of the DEUTSCHE BANK, S. Montoro designed a wall for the sector Architecture. The best creations from advertising, digital media, dialog marketing/ promotion/ media, design, editorial, spatial productions, craft and communication as a whole were awarded with the golden, silver and bronze nails

airbrush montoro wandgestaltung
Airbrush Montoro zur Galerie


Wall Design in the hallway

airbrush montoro wandgestaltung
Airbrush Montoro zur Galerie


Helmets, tanks and motorcycle supplies

Airbrush Montoro gallery
Airbrush Montoro helme
Airbrush Montoro gallery

IAA 2012 | International Automobile Exhibition for Commercial Vehicles in Hannover

TruckWorks by Mercedes-Benz



800 model trucks were spray-painted at the International Motor Show (IAA) for utility vehicles. A number of selected customers could pick their favorite pattern out of 4 motifs, and they also had their mini truck specially labelled with their own signature on the spot. Entirely hand-crafted!

airbrush montoro wandgestaltung

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Airbrush Montoro illustrationen
Airbrush Montoro gallery

Violins, Guitars, Keyboards

Airbrush Montoro zu klingerAirbrush Montoro geigen


The exclusive editions of Klinger violins have been specially manufactured with different motives of the highest quality by Mont.Oro. Naturally, fitting bows for the special editions are fabricated with the same manner of airbrush technique. The complete package of the magnificent,  limited editions including a case and a booklet are to be found on

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various sorts of materials

Printer casings, mobile phones and zippos (lighter), buddy bears, cakes …

Airbrush Montoro untergr
Airbrush Montoro gallery
airbrush montoro berlin torte lebensmittelfarbe

On behalf of Café & Patisserie Lézard, S.Montoro has already painted several cakes with food coloring. This time the birthday cake was to be decorated in leopard-look, in keeping with the design of the invitation.



Bodypainting Berlin Airbrush Montoro

Airbrush Montoro zur Galerie

German Sports Foundation (Deutsche Sporthilfe)

As part of an event at the Eastern Comfort Hostel on the river Spree in Berlin, Susi Montoro bodypainted approx 50 young elite athletes. The names were applied with special body paints.

Bodypainting Airbrush Montoro Berlin

Airbrush Montoro zur Galerie

Wedding Airbrush-Tattoo

The decorative paint application of many white leaf tendrils decked the tanned back excellently. Because the bride did not have time for her desired bodypainting on the wedding day, it had to be applied the day before. The ornamentation stayed on overnight and the surprise for the husband worked out excellently.


Große Wahlparty bei kocht |

Airbrush Design Artis Susi Montoro

Airbrush Montoro zur Galerie

Political bodypainting by Susi Montoro. The theme of the cooking show kocht is the hot phase of the campaign for the election of the German parliament (Bundestag) in 2013. Nora Schmidt hosts the 30-minute video clip and starting from minute 14, you can experience how the different logos of the political parties are sprayed onto the upper arms of the models.

In minute 20, collective culinary celebrating begins. Thanks to !

Interview Susanne Montoroto Tv.BerlinOnline - You Tube