Born on the 5th of December in Basel / Switzerland.
After graduating at the Basel school of design, Susanne Montoro moved to Berlin  in 1992 and has been working as a freelance Airbrush-Artist since then. She crafts all sorts of desired motifs, wall paintings, custom paintings, restorations and surface imitations (marble, wooden roots…).
In 1993 she introduced a completely new style called ”OPTIK-DESIGN” and she had it patented in 1997. Her ten best drafts have been filed as representative samples and “MONT • ORO®” is registered as a brand at the German patent office.

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In 1995 she became a member of IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and in the same year she began being involved in preparing trade show exhibitions. Her clients include Harley-Davidson, Ferrari / Maserati, BMW, Porsche, Toyota Motor Company, Bandit Helmets and Coca Cola...

Airbrush Susi Montoro

S.Montoro airbrushed wall paintings for an exhibition room at the Ethnological Museum Berlin and she designed a fashion collection on behalf of the Museum of Body Worlds to be worn at the Loveparade in 2001.

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In 2003 on the request of the fashion designer Jette Joop she created the prototype telephones fabricated by binatone.

Furthermore Susi Montoro applied the finishing touches to the official plenary insignia for the German Bundestag at the Reichstag in Berlin, which decorates the front of the lectern at the German Parliament.

In 2004 she received an entry in the “Who is Who” encyclopedia listing Germany`s leading men and women.

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In 2005 she was engaged by the German Museum of Technology in Berlin to spray the stellar constellation “Orion” on differently arced, light panels made of Plexiglas.

In the meantime she has even been engaged for big movie productions due to the popularity of her high standard Airbrush for the lead actors as well as close-ups. On behalf of the Wachowski Brothers (creators of the Matrix Trilogy) she colored all the masks for the leading “V” in “V  for Vendetta” in 2005. At the production site in London she also supervised the fabrication of 460 of these masks needed for the mass scene at the end of the movie. Two years later she was again entrusted with creating countless helmets and objects for the movie “Speed Racer” by WARNER BROS. PRODUCTION.

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For the cinematic movie "The Last Station", she decorated 14 identical plates from crash glass.

In the entrance area of the newly extended Nelson Mandela School, the artist S. Montoro sprayed the portrait of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela in impressionistic style. The two “kissing walls” designed by the architect were optically fused through writing and portrait using the Airbrush technique.

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MTV engaged MONT.ORO for the commercial spot “MTV & KIA Soul Club Tour”. Four models were styled with various body paintings, with subsequent hairstyle and make-up by Make-up Artist J.P.

For the singer "LOONA" a Blackberry was custom-sprayed by S. Montoro.

Gallery MONTGOMERY: AIDS-3D (Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas) Concept and idea by Daniel Keller, Detroit, USA/ 1986 and Nik Kosmas, Minneapolis, USA/ 1985 .
On behalf of the two US artists, Susi Montoro realized the “laser effect” on printed canvas using Airbrush technique.

KROME GALlERY: Concept and idea by Markus Weisbeck, Offenburg, 1965. Surface Organization for Design.
On behalf of KROME Gallery, Susi Montoro created large-scale wooden displays for the artist Markus Weisbeck. The two largest wooden exhibition pieces in “DO THE STARS NEED A REASON TO SHINE” were refined by Susi Montoro using her particular Airbrush technique. Graphical text compositions of poetically absurd word inventions were brushed on wooden panels with a completely new method.